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Art Deco Blush - Our New range of custom made bed linen and curtains

Tired of having to find bed linen to match your curtains every time you need to replace your washed out duvet cover? Create a luxurious bedroom with custom made bed linen with matching curtains. Dress your bed with a custom made throw and cushions to cover an everyday plain duvet cover and pillowcases. Art Deco Blush is a collection of 1920's inspired designs we have teamed with a delicate blush pink velvet to give an opulent touch.   

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To tie back or not to tie back? That is the question.

When you should tie back your curtains... to let more light into the room to create that classic "R" shape in your curtains to control an unruly or puffy curtain fabric handy for holding a door curtain back for easy access     When you should you not tie back your curtains.... if you have more than 2.5 widths of fabric in your curtains. A standard rope tieback is often too tight on very wide curtains. if you regularly draw your curtains closed at night they will hang better when closed if they haven't been tied back during the day.    Tieback myths... myth - tiebacks are only for traditional looks (truth - go  for a modern embrace style tieback...

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